Lost Dog
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Lost Dog: looking for an old educational film clip from Sesame Street.

I'm looking for a live-action clip from 1970s Sesame Street, in which some children lose their dog and go to the printing house to print posters to put up around their neighbourhood (and of course the dog shows up in the end). It introduced my five-year-old self to movable type and printing and made me want to become a typesetter, which I eventually did.

I've searched through thirty pages of YouTube clips so far, and will keep on looking. Has anyone seen this around?

Thanks in advance!
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Some googling/wikipediaing leads me to a Muppets Wiki with a SS section. One of their episode entries lists something that might be it: 2293, which is from 1987. (It's listed as "Film: 'LOST DOG' poster"). It's not a video, but it could probably lead to to a relevant VHS or DVD.
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I remember this and I remember loving it! Can't wait to see if someone can find it...
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I remember this too! Thanks for the fond memory jog.
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Unfortunately, if you can't find it on YouTube, then I think it's unlikely you'll find it anywhere else. I know the exact video you're talking about, and I'm almost positive that it appeared on more than one episode--it probably appeared on many, many episodes. But the video and DVDs that are out there from Sesame do not generally contain those little in-between reels. They're pretty much only compilations of the actual Sesame Street segments and the vignettes and songs that had the muppets in them. The only exception to my knowledge is the recent "Old School" DVD which has the first five season premieres (69-74) and a handful of other segments from each season. But according to the wiki, "Lost Dog" is not among them (which makes sense, since I'd think if it were on there, it'd be on YouTube). But it's possible it will appear in subsequent volumes of that series. In my mind, if anyone has that segment (other than Sesame Workshop), it will be taped from TV, probably from the Noggin reruns. So it will either be on YouTube, or sitting on a tape in a box somewhere.

Let us know if you find it! That is so cool that you became a typesetter after seeing it so long ago. Sesame definitely impacted my life and career, too.
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Hi! This question popped back into my head today, because it turns out that The second volume of Sesame Street Old School (1974-1979) does contain the "Lost Dog Flyer" reel. I myself can't wait to see it again.
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