Transfering files to iPhone without computer?
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I have a whole crapload of MP3s on my work computer. I cannot access iTunes at work or download it. My company blocks it. I have no working computer at home. How do I get these files on my iPhone 4S? Thanks
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Last time I tried iTunes works off a flash drive. When you install it on the drive make sure to set the music library on the drive as well. Plug that into your work computer, add the folder of mp3s on your work computer to the iTunes library and then transfer.
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ifunbox would work.
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Can you download and use Spotify at work? Probably not, but if you could, it allows you to sync local files to your phone.
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mp3s -> flashdrive
visit library or friend with computer
flashdrive -> phone.
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If you don't mind not using the apple music player on your iPhone, you can install Dropbox on your PC and iphone ans transfer it that way. But once you delete anything from your pc, it wi delete it from the phone.

I suggest using a friends computer to set it all up and do 1 massive sync.

Or use there iTunes match and upload all your music to the cloud and with a yearly subscription of $25, you can forgo the pc and iTunes and have it all download/stream from the cloud.
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Google Play will do the same thing as ITunes Match, but for free.
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Flash drive to get the files. Friend's computer to transfer them.
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Response by poster: Thank you all.
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