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Can anyone tell me what this means?

It's on a t-shirt I was looking at buying as a gift, so thought it might be a good idea to find out what it says first. Thanks!
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Student-quality answer only, here.

It says "Shokin Kasegi."

"Bounty" wouldn't be a bad translation. As in a reward money. Possibly a reference to a 1969 movie or a later TV show.

Curious to see what a real answer is.
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Best answer: OMG, I left out a line
"Shokin" is "Bounty"
The "Kasegi" is "Hunter"
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Response by poster: Ah, the t-shirt has Boba Fett on it, so that sounds about right :) Thank you!
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> The "Kasegi" is "Hunter"

稼ぐ means "to earn", so 稼ぎ is "earning(s)/earner", but it is correct that the phrase 賞金稼ぎ is "bounty hunter" or "bounty hunting", depending on the context. 賞金, of course, is prize or reward money.

My experience is that the English-derived バウンティハンター is the more common expression, though. That makes me think that the t-shirt was more likely than not not designed by a native speaker of Japanese.
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"Bounty Hunter" is also a well-known clothing brand in Japan (though its heyday has passed), and it's not unknown for a Japanese brand to back-translate its name onto a shirt for novelty's sake, but I don't know if that's the case here.
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