Android Widget that displays Google Spreadsheet data?
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Is there an Android Widget that will allow me to display a subset of data from Google Spreadsheets? I keep track of my budget in a spreadsheet, and I would like to display the balances in a quick way on my phone without actually having to open the Google Sheets application.

If this isn't possible, any thoughts on displaying basic information like this that can be shared on more than one phone? I'm not opposed to taking that spreadsheet data and entering it somewhere else that can be displayed in a widget. It has to be shareable, however, and I'm not interested in a budget program for the phone. Thanks for your thoughts.
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Best answer: Not sure if it fits the bill, but you could create a separate spreadsheet with the data you want to display, link to the relevant cells in your main spreadsheet, and then share it as a webpage.

There are apps that can display arbitrary web pages as widgets (e.g. this one) but haven't used any of them myself, so cannot recommend anything there.
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Response by poster: That is exactly the kind of solution I was looking for. Thank you!
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Response by poster: I just wanted to post a quick follow-up, this worked really well. I ended up using WebSnap for Android, which can display any portion of a live webpage that you provide the link for. So I published a Google Sheet that has the basic budget balances on it, and I display the published link via WebSnap. In this way, anyone who has the link can do the same, which makes it usable on more than one phone.
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