Help me recreate this birth announcement?
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Hello hivemind! I really want to recreate this birth announcement's style/set-up.

Any recommendations as to where to get the blocks? Beautiful calendar page? Old school clock? Old folding ruler? I have been searching for blocks for a few hours and I have not come across blocks that I love or that I can afford! Thanks so much!
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Best answer: eBay is your answer. Vintage alphabet blocks on ebay (I like the colorful ones), vintage folding rulers, etc.
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Best answer: Old fashioned Alarm Clock

You can buy regular alphabet blocks and just paint them the color you like. Or, you can buy Blank Wooden Blocks at JoAnn, and decorate them yourself.

Folding Ruler is at Home Depot. Or for under a buck use a yardstick instead.

Sofawned. has some pretty pages, just print the month you need on your printer at work!

Now the X or Y blanket is harder. I suggest getting a baby blanket in the color of your choice, and ironing on the X or the Y.

This is really sweet!
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Best answer: IKEA has a great retro alarm clock.
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Response by poster: These links are awesome! Thank you!
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