The NO NOSTALGIA tour of Austin, Texas
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I lived in Austin in the late 80's and the early 90's. Left and never really went back. I have only one friend left in the area (and he, technically, now lives in Round Rock, though he works in the city). We'll be visiting for a wedding and I'd like to know what are the good restaurants (particularly breakfast and vegetarian) and the decent craft cocktail bars that are not hold-overs from the late 80's/early 90's. In other words, "no Kerbey Lane suggestions, please". Bonus points for a good hotel.
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Breakfast: Counter Cafe on Lamar, across from BookPeople. Amazing pancakes.

Craft cocktails: Midnight Cowboy. You'll need to make a reservation (it's really small). Don't let the neighborhood (dirty 6th) fool you - it is awesome, and tucked away. Think hidden speakeasy.

For food plus cocktails, there's Perla's (amazing seafood), La Condesa (amazing modern interior Mexican), and Sway (amazing modern Thai-ish). I can't speak to their vegetarian options, other than the Chile Relleno at La Condesa, which is killer.
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Olivia on South Lamar is good for farm-to-table food. Wink is also outstanding (and very good for vegetarians). I've heard good things about Barley Swine but never been.

And you should do yourself a favor and go to a Torchy's. They're all over the place at this point, but they're really damn good.
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I've been looking at vegetarian options for a visiting friend, and I think of the Japanese places, we've picked Uchiko as most likely to suit my vegetarian pal.
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Fancy meat at Barleyswine.

Hipster ice cream available next door at Lick.
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Seconding Counter Cafe.
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Look into Qui or Uchi

look into the Austin suggestions
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If you can swing it, try to stay at one of Liz Lambert's hotels. I've been to both the San Jose and the St. Cecelia, and enjoyed both tremendously. They're both in the downtown/Travis Heights area, so you'll be right in the middle of the S. Congress meshugas. Pricey places, both of 'em, but very nice hotels.
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