Children's Book Filter: mystery on a castle tour?
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Trying to identify a book I read as a child, around 1990... I am not sure if the book is significantly older than that or not. The plot involves some children and some adults going through the basement of a castle, in a Medieval Times-type reenactment kind of way. The main plot point is that there is some kind of mystery which ends up being solved by the clever kid who notices that the "princess" (really an actress) is wearing a band-aid.

It's a book with both words and pictures -- not chapter-book word density, but more than just a sentence next to each picture, more like a page of text next to a picture. The pictures are black-and-white drawings, I think. Probably like 40 or 50 pages? It was a library book and could have been from significantly pre-1990 -- or not. I would probably recognize some of the illustrations if I saw them again.

There is some sort of fairly innocuous/childish mystery that happens while the castle tour is happening, and clever kid ends up solving it, in part by observing an unexpected band-aid.

The part that stuck in my mind is the part about the band-aid -- and yet I forget why it was important! It had something to do with the band-aid being anachronistic for the "princess"'s costume and/or the band-aid being a tell-tale sign of a relevant injury that was supposed to be a secret.

This question has been tickling my brain for nearly a quarter-century, so if you can identify this book, my itch will be substantially scratched :).
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I THINK I FOUND IT! Meg Mackintosh and The Mystery at the Medieval Castle (1996)! I had this book as a kid and really liked it.

It took me a while to find this... After a variety of google searches, "mystery book castle puzzle solve it yourself" finally yielded Meg Mackintosh :) I kept remembering her name as Margaret. Vague solution in this Amazon comment.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)
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YES. Thank you!!
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