NYC plumbing cost. Recommendation for queens/north brooklyn plumbers?
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We're doing a pre-war renovation in Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC where our co-op requires we have a plumber replace the branch piping, new valves and shower pan for both the bathroom and the branch piping/valves in the kitchen. Questions: i) Is the below cost estimate reasonable. ii) Any recommendations of pre-war savvy licensed/insured plumbers in Queens or North Brooklyn?

i) What do people think for this kind of cost below. Bear in mind our General Contractor is doing all the demolition and wall rebuilding.

Supply and install new 1/2 hot & cold water lines from existing shut off valves to tub, shower , basin sink & kitchen sink with all necessary connections.
Supply and install custom lead pan for showerstall. Supply and install new tub waste on existing tub.
Install owner's toilet & flushometer with all necessary connections to existing waste.
Supply and install new trap & hot & cold shut off valves for basin sink.

Supply and install new 2" trap & section of waste to accommodate new sink.
Supply and install new hot & cold shut off valve for sink.

Total cost $6250 before tax and permits. (closer to 7.2k once that's done)

ii) IF anyone can recommend a plumber who would be more affordable, is licensed and insured and has worked in JH pre war co-ops before, please reply or message me!

PLEASE: If they are not licensed and insured forget it, as this needs to go to the board.
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