Bedbug, bedbug, whatcha gonna do?
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NYC filter: How does the bedbug disclosure law end up playing out when one is looking for a new apartment?

Since 2010, NYC landlords have been required to disclose a year's worth of their building's bedbug infestation history to prospective tenants, via the ever-so-elegantly named Notice to Tenant Disclosure of Bedbug Infestation History form (PDF).

My boyfriend and I are about to start looking for a new apartment in Brooklyn, and we want to make sure that we're not moving into a place that has had a recent infestation. Have you had any experience with the above form? Were brokers and landlords ready and willing to provide you with a completed copy of it? If so, at what point in the process did they do so (e.g, when you viewed the apartment, when you put a deposit down, or when you signed a lease)? If the form wasn't immediately available, were you able to successfully request a copy, or did you encounter resistance?
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We were provided with one when we signed the lease on our current apartment from the management company. I had already seen compaints on the DOH website. It was not this unit and the building is large and well-cared for, so we did not consider it a deal-breaker.
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Best answer: Mine was included with all the documentation at lease signing, without me asking. (This was in Brooklyn.)

My guess is that if your landlord has a clue, they will include it without being asked. It's required by law, after all.
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Response by poster: Do you have to sign the lease before they'll let you see it, or is it handed to you with the lease, when you go to sign it? The form is going to strongly influence our decision to move into a place.
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Ours was in the whole packet; I can't remember if we saw it before or after the lease. You could ask right off the bat.
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Can't you just look at the bedbug registry? Never has any landlord offered up anything of the sort when I've gotten places in Brooklyn.
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Response by poster: Can't you just look at the bedbug registry?
In my experience, it's pretty incomplete. I'd rather depend on legal disclosure than a third-party website.

You could ask right off the bat.
That's probably what we'll end up doing. I have a feeling that we're going to end up wasting our time (and probably money) putting a deposit down on a place and going through the paperwork, only to find out that it had a bedbug issue. At which point we're probably cutting our losses and finding something else.

Thanks for the replies, guys.
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Best answer: Mine was included in the lease packet once I had asked to sign a lease.
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