Real estate agent recommendations in Manhattan/NYC?
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We're thinking seriously about buying a place in Manhattan (and possibly Brooklyn). We have a fairly unique split search (one strand of which is focused on looking for a place that will lower our costs, and the other strand of which is focused on finding a place that might increase our costs a little bit). We need recommendations for honest, intelligent, and very capable real estate agents to help.

One thing we want to avoid from the very start is the kind of agent who will go about teaching us little lessons about 'how little your budget will get you' by showing us awful places or not really respecting the dual nature of our search. We need someone who's really going to listen and respect what we're trying to do. So whom would you recommend?
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I don't really understand what you mean by "the dual nature of your search". I'm happy to give you names of the brokers I know in NYC, but I think you're just going to confuse people when you start talking about "split searches" etc. If you're unclear on what you want or how much you can afford, I'd recommend that you start going to lots of open houses, determine what your budget is, what is available within that budget, and then go about finding a real estate agent.
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I was very happy w Chris at Bien Real Estate.
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Response by poster: dfriedman: The split search for two very different kind of options.
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Response by poster: Also, we're not confused at all or unclear. We're trying to see what's available in both categories and then make a decision based on all the information. If you think someone is likely to be confused by that, then that's definitely someone we wouldn't want to work with.
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Mike DeRosa at Halstead sold my great-aunt's condo and helped me buy mine.
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I can highly recommend Craig Roth at NextStopNY:
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