Why did my iPhone send out a message from someone else?
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Last night I sent a photo of my cat to a friend. When I sent the photo, another text, not written by me, popped up and was sent along with the photo. How did this happen?

I did not write this text and it is completely unrelated to the photo. The author refers to himself as "a numbers guy" and I am a non-numbers female. No one has ever sent me this text message.

What's especially strange is that the text refers to one of my old high school teachers, so it was written by someone I probably know. I actually think I know do who it is - we are Facebook friends and have messaged back and forth a bit about this teacher, though he has never sent this specific message to me, nor does he have my cell phone number.

I just installed the new Facebook Messenger app and understand that it is pretty invasive. I am wondering if one of my friend's FB messages somehow ended up in my text messages.

I have an iPhone 4G, Version 7.1.2
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Did you send the message to another person who has an iphone? i would assume this was some royal fuck up with imessage. It would not be the first time i've heard of imessage doing something really weird like this.
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Is it a text message (green bubble) or iMessage (blue bubble)? Have you ever signed into Messages on a computer, phone, or iPad?
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Response by poster: The other person has an iPhone and it was sent as an iMessage. This phone is the only thing I've ever used to send texts/iMessages. I use the standard "Messages" app (the green/white button).
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I would change my password associated with the Apple ID that I use for iMessage and turn on two factor auth.

Though it definitely isn't the FB app doing anything with your texts it could be that you accidentally pasted some text from another app. It might even still be in the phones paste buffer if you go to paste somewhere else.
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