Annoying Facebook Bullshit
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In the ongoing wrangle that is the process of PRIVACY with Facebook I've yet to figure this one out.

I have my privacy settings for my "timeline" set to only show my posts to 'friends.'

And yet when I view my 'timeline' as if I'm the 'public' viewing my 'timeline' (a 'convenient' option FB has created to indulge you) all of my posts from the FB app on my iPhone show up on the 'timeline.' IOW, whenever I post anything from my phone it goes public on the 'timeline.' When I post to FB online, all is kept private re my 'timeline.'

Naturally, searching FB for five fucking hours does not offer a clue as to how to turn this 'setting' off in the phone, nor can I find an option within the app itself on the iPhone.

And so, here I crawl to the Metahive.

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Um, fuck. I had no idea that this was a thing, but if it is...I have exactly the same problem.
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Have you tried this?
(How to turn on Log In Approvals; Save This Device)
It may not help but it's worth a shot.
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Response by poster: artdrect: No, that's not related to what I'm asking.

SakuraK: Can't confirm at this point, but perhaps.
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The iPhone Facebook app has an icon at the lower right of the status textarea by which you can set the privacy of each post, and that setting should apply to your future posts until you change it. You can also change that setting in the app's Account Settings -> Privacy pane.
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It's easy to accidentally change the privacy setting on the phone, and then they stick until you change it back on the phone.
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Related to nicwolff's answer, if you need to bulk fix timeline posts:

"I want to make all of my past posts visible to only friends."
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It's easy to accidentally change the privacy setting on the phone, and then they stick until you change it back on the phone.

And many times you need to fiddle it a few times before it really really sticks. I've had this happen on Chrome on the phone, Opera, and Safari (I won't use Safari any more since Chrome and Opera behave much more pleasantly for other things such as navigating back sanely.

As for the app - well, no data, I stopped installing it about the time iOS 5.0 came out.
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Response by poster: nicwolff, yes, that was the first 'setting' I'd suspected when I saw all of my IOS posts showing up on the Timeline (once it was viewed in 'test' mode, i.e., PUBLIC mode).

But unfortunately that is not the case, meaning, I DO/DID have that icon in the text area of a post on the iPhone set to FRIENDS only. And yet, there go the posts into public view.

What I will explore is this bulk timeline fix that Nonsteroidal (what a sig!!!) suggested.

This is the kind of shit that makes me want to bail from FB all of the time.
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