Break-up apps that keep you from looking at exes on Facebook/Instagram?
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Does anyone know of an app (or apps) that block you from looking at a particular Facebook page, or a particular Instagram feed? I've heard of Break-up Apps that recently have come about where you can 'erase' someone's photos, tags, etc. from your Facebook, as if they were never there, and I also know of chrome extensions which block you from a site altogether, but I can't find a good app that blocks only a particular PAGE on the site (i.e.'susername). I would like to be able to continue being 'Facebook Friends' with an ex, as not doing so will be disruptive. I also need to use Facebook for my job. I've already blocked them from appearing on my newsfeed and in chat, but I can't seem to stop myself from, fairly regularly, checking their Facebook page, or their Instagram feed. Any good solutions you've seen online? If not, I may have to team up with a programmer to create one because I think it'd be a very useful service! I sure could use it ASAP.
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I've used LeechBlock and it's pretty good.
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Any of the site blocking apps allow you to block specific pages. Don't type, type I use Chrome's blocker.
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Edit your hosts file. A quick google search will show you how.
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I'm late to the party here but I love the Chrome add-on StayFocusd. It's designed to keep you from wasting time on certain websites while you're at work (yes, sites like AskMe and yes, I am at work), but it can be tweaked a bit and I think you can specify certain pages you want blocked.
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