When MSNBC was Good
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I'm trying to remember a show that was on during the very early days of MSNBC.

The show was about art and culture. I think I was watching it around 1998 or earlier. There were restaurant reviews as well if I'm remembering correctly. It was on late at night and had a male and female co-hosts. The female host's name was Nina if I am remembering correctly. She was white and blonde. I've seen her in the New York society pages. She may be a culture critic or a socialite. Her co-host was a middle-aged white guy, short curly hair. They were both middle aged. Do you remember this show?

I looked on the MSNBC Wikipedia page and the show is not listed.
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Response by poster: I am confused. I found it by searching here It's Nina Griscom. It wasn't MSNBC. It was early Food Network. No wonder I couldn't find it. I think I was confusing it with MSNBC because I was watching both at night at this time. It was called Dining Around.

MSNBC was good back in the day. I miss the Charles Grodin show.
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I think you just had a conversation with yourself. Glad you found that which you sought.
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