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Are there versions of this book teaching kids to run a play/gallery/poetry slam/etc that are (a) non-gendered (b) geared towards adults?

One of my best friends has a son who seems to be pretty entrepreneurial and really into making his own thing. Indie Girl seems like a great guide, but I'd like a book that is less gendered (I don't think they're particularly fussed about gender, but I'd like to keep the options open). I haven't read it yet so I don't know how gendered the contents are.

Also, I want one! But I am way past girlhood (though I am getting a secondhand copy). Are there any good books that talk about how to start projects like those in easy ways that are geared towards adults? I've seen books on How To Start A Rock Band or How To Produce A Theater but something a little light-hearted and with multiple projects in one sound ideal.
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