Dominant Female seeks NYC dungeon to work for
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I'm a dominant female and interested in using my interest and skills to earn money in New York City. I don't know how to sort my options or what, specifically to watch out for. NSFW.

I'm not a super huge fan of over the top costuming, but am willing to do it. I'm most comfortable playing in patent closed toed heels, pencil skirts, and slightly revealing tops...maybe a corset with a knee length skirt. The type of play I prefer includes tease and denial, name calling, physical pain, foot worship, and instruction. I wield canes and floggers and paddles and clips and clamps and bits and gags and an acrid wit or a tender nudge, depending on what my subject needs.

I am not in any way interested in touching clients and I don't want any participation in Medical fantasies.

In short, I don't know what I don't know about picking a place that would be a good fit for me. I'd like to keep my playing separate from my dating, so attending munches and otherwise getting immersed in the fetish scene seems disingenuous since I'd only be there for networking and for my safety, I'd prefer to minimize my chances of running into clients outside of the dungeon. My perusal of fetlife seems about a half a notch less creepy than craigslist. Feel free to let me know if there is a specific part of fetlife that I should be viewing.

Throwaway email is
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Attending munches and the like seems to be actually a really good networking technique; you'll be immersed in the fetish scene in a way of getting clients. This is a slight extension of the dungeon environment, and you'll be able to suss out clients in a semi-neutral space.
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If you're going to a dungeon for leisure, ask the Mistress/Master in charge if they need help. You may be able to work for her/him and they can get you clients that you can meet at the dungeon.
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the sex workers only group in fetlife has several active members in your area - they may have some specific recommendations. tell them mistress_magpie sent you. I am happy to answer questions, email is in profile.
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also munches don't mind if you use us for networking, although check with the organisers. I run a local munch and there's lots of networking and friendships. and setting your preferences aside, they're a good bet for safety. get known; it is safer.
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