Chilled Out pop songs for a summer mix.
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I'm looking for pop songs -- dance or hip-hop -- that have the same kind of chilled out almost-but-not-quite-90s-euro-house vibe as Ne-Yo - Closer, Jhene Aiko - The Worst. The songs should have kind of a relaxed vocal, washed out synths, subtle guitar and/or piano, and an easy groove. I'm especially looking for songs from the past 5 years. (and not Daft Punk).
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Best answer: You're more keyed in musically than me, but I would have thought Frank Ocean's Channel Orange fits the bill. Sweet Life comes to mind immediately, but there are some other candidates on that album.

Also, maybe Rudimental's Spoons?
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Replay by Visioneers
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Maxwell - Bad Habits
Jill Scott & Anthony Hamilton - So in Love
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You've got their name right there in the body of your question - Washed Out.

You might also like The War On Drugs.
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Sorry about the lack of links, but:

Ella Eyre
Lulu James
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Are you on Spotify? I follow the "Sunday Drive" and "Lazy Weekend" playlists that have a lot of tracks similar to what it seems like you want.
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Oh, lots of things by Telepopmusik, the Blow, or Frou Frou.
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Checkout Catcall from Australia.
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Best answer: Here's some ideas that have a similar sound:
Usher- U Remind Me; Hey Daddy
Miguel- Adorn Me
Robyn- Bum like you
Neyo- Sexy Love
Lloyd- Get it shawty; You
Beyonce- Dance for you
Outkast- The way you move
Keri Hilson- Knock you down
Dawn Richard- Levitate
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