Singapore - gift delivery options?
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My Dad just got "home" from the hospital in Singapore ("home" in quotes, because he's only there for a temporary assignment). He is completely bedridden, and probably should have stayed at the hospital but refused. I'd like to send him a care package of sorts - snacky food, beer, maybe even some movies to watch or something, but I don't know how to go about doing that (I'm in the USA). I would mail something from here, but he's going to be on a plane back to the states as soon as he can reasonably lay on a plane, and I don't know if it would be there in time. What are my options?
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DHL/Fed Ex will get anything to Singapore from the US in under 5 business days, or overnight should take 2 days max. Will that be a sufficient turnaround?
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I don't live in Singapore, so I'm not sure about the details, but I'm certain you can arrange deliveries from the upmarket expat-friendly grocery chains there as well?
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This is maybe too cutesy for your dad, but Edible Blossoms is a Singaporean bakery that will send cake pops. If your dad would like flowers or a food basket, there's also XpressGiftsz.
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Shop local!
* The Inspired Chef: Gourmet ice-cream at your doorstep (next-day delivery; check FAQ for cut-off order times)
* Major supermarket chain Cold Storage provides delivery services, but the online-only grocery Red Mart is also very popular.
* Many restaurants provide delivery services too. You can order and pay online for a number of them through the aggregator service on Foodpanda (delivery delays are a frequent complaint though, but it shouldn't be a big issue if you're not intending to provide mealtime sustenance)
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Foreign Express

Order foreign newspapers and magazines for home or office delivery. Publications from USA, Australia, UK, India and other countries.

Tel: 6744 1444
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Expatfoodhall is another place to get international snacks and other food delivered in Singapore. They do next day delivery (or same day if you order before 9am). They don't have US products, but a good selection from a few others.
(Disclaimer: owned by a friend, but I've also used it personally, so can vouch for the service.)
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RedMart is your best choice because the delivery guys are super nice - if you put in the comments that you need them to call him on his phone when they arrive and help him get the groceries inside, they will help.

Who's looking after him? Does he have household help? You can get temporary housekeepers/nurses hired, or if he's staying at a hotel or serviced apartment, you should call them directly and ask about additional help. My kid works at a fancy hotel here and they do all sorts of nice things for guests when needed, so you could get extras sorted out through the concierge.
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Thanks, all! He's living in a campus apartment (not a hotel), so unfortunately no concierges to speak of. I'm having a variety of foodstuffs delivered on Monday, and am arranging with someone at the university to deliver him a six-pack of American IPA.
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