Psychiatrist/therapist recommendations in Chicago
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A friend is currently in a crisis of depression and anxiety and feels like her current therapist is not meeting her needs. Recommendations in the Chicago area are welcome.

Her depression and anxiety are compounded by chronic pain and a stressful work situation. She is very clear that she is not suicidal, but is concerned that she will be unable to continue working.

Ideally she would like a therapist and psychiatrist in the same clinic, practice or hospital, but hasn't been able to find anything which meets her criteria of accepting her insurance plus not scheduling the first appointment 2-4 months in the future. Currently, she is looking primarily at Northwestern.
She needs a combination of drugs, both for pain management and for her anxiety/depression, and therapy.

She has considered inpatient programs but is unsure if that's a good decision financially (i.e. has not found a program which is unequivocally covered by her insurance and is unsure what effect it would have on her career, but feels like it would be more sympathetic/less drastic than taking a week or more of PTO which would bee seen as "vacation"--she works in the nonprofit sector).

In the past she has seen LCSWs, which has been sufficient to get her through periods of crisis, but in this case weekly therapy and an unrelated (and maybe not very responsive?) doctor for prescriptions isn't cutting it, and she feels herself slipping. Her preferred modality is "everyone keeps telling me to try CBT."

She's in Chicago and her current insurance policy is Humana's PPO.
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I highly recommend Rush Day Hospitals PHP program. I used FMLA. They also charity cared part of my copay. I first did PHP full time then worked part time and did PHP for awhile then transitioned back into full time.
FMLA is there and usable for this.
I can give the name of my psychiatrist doc in uptown if you message me. I got an appointment in two weeks.
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I memailed you.
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I also recommend Rush's PHP from first hand experience.

Both FMLA and short term disability insurance typically cover outpatient care.

My doc and therapist are at opposite ends of the city and as far as I know have never met in person, which sounds like the opposite of what she wants, so I won't advise there.
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St Joseph's Hospital has an intensive outpatient program, which I recommend.

I've also seen an NP for med management at the Institute for Personal Development, downtown. They have a variety of practitioners at different locations.
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