dress me for my wedding - where can I find this suit?
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I want to get married looking like this. Where can I find this suit, or one like it, in a size 16? Thanks! I am in the UK.
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I'd get a seamstress to sew that for me.

You can get the pattern from Vogue Patterns, and then make adjustments from there.

It would be easy to add a belt, and to make the skirt longer.

Here's a Vintage Vogue pattern that's similar as well.

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I know nothing about seamstresses, what fabric to use, etc..
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How long do you have?

perhaps contact this etsy seller and send her the picture you linked?
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(also, I found that by googling "white peplum suit" which brought me here. You may find some other options. Apparently "white church suit" might also get you somewhere.
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If you get hold of a good seamstress, she'll help you with the fabric. I had a custom-made wedding dress (a friend was the seamstress) and she walked me through buying the fabric at an upscale fashion store. You will need several months to get a custom dress, most likely, or you may have to pay more for a rush job.

Since you don't have a friend who sews, I suggest yelp or similar to look for a local tailor who might be able to serve you.
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wedding is mid July - thanks everyone for responses thus far - tailor/seamstress/couturier options are welcome too :)
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That looks like one of the suits from John Galliano's S/S 1995 collection (example) - there was also a white short-sleeved version, a version of which Madonna wore in her "Take a Bow" video.

I think it will be very hard to find a similar off-the-rack version and having a dressmaker re-create it is probably your best option. The collar design makes it very different from the patterns and suits linked to in the other answers.
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I am willing to travel - and pay - for one like this - any dressmaker recommendations for the UK are welcome.
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Based in the US, but I had a custom dress made by this group that was gorgeous and well made. I only wish I had given them more measurements than just three basic ones so I could have gotten a slightly better fit. It looks like custom orders are shipped within 3 - 4 weeks. Maybe send a message to see if they can fit you in?
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If you have someone who can sew for you, Vintage Vogue has two patterns very similar to your picture:

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Gah, so sorry I didn't read more responses before posting.
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I would focus on finding a good dressmaker who likes vintage styles and can source or drape the pattern you need rather than you finding a ready made pattern. You need a good custom dressmaker who has experience with tailoring suit jackets, which are complex and offer specific challenges in terms of hitting the right balance of structure and movement. It will not be cheap--a close-fitting jacket with a complex collar like that is not easy to make.

Irma Romero at The Vintage Dressmaker seems to make beautiful clothes.

These folks on Etsy seem to know their way around a jacket and also seem to specialize in retro fashion for special occasions. They're based in the US but work remotely (mailing the muslin to get the fit right). I haven't seen any of their work in person though--just admired in pictures.

I would just start asking around for good dressmakers and talking to them about what they can do to make you a suit like that. An expert dressmaker will know very quickly whether that is something she/he can pull off. It's also ok to ask to see other examples or pictures of their work--you will want to see some things that are structured, like jackets.
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