"Hay Una Uncion Aqui" - Karaoke Track?
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I am trying to find a "karaoke track" for the song "Hay Una Uncion Aqui" by Danny Berrios, which is (apparently) a Spanish language contemporary Christian song (a student of mine needs it for a talent show). I know about as much Spanish as I do contemporary Christian music, which is to say, none.

I know that there are ways to pull out the vocal track of a recorded song, but I also know that this can be tricky. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd be happy to buy something for a dollar but I would also be fine with a quasi-legal solution (email me - username@gmail.com - if you'd rather do that). The student owns a legal copy of the original song, if that helps.

To clarify, by "karaoke track" I mean I just need an .mp3 file with no vocals.

Any tips?
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Are any of the karaoke tracks for the song on youtube close enough? You could convert the youtube vid to an .mp3 file.
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Sorry, should have mentioned that I looked through those versions and they still have a singer performing the lead vocal part.
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For future reference, you might have more luck searching "instrumental track". Here's a true karaoke track (instrumental plus lyric captions). There's also a lot of piano versions out there but I think they're not as useful because the piano plays the melody line instead of just accompaniment.
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Ah hell, thanks gingerest. Now I have another cool music teacher trick. Wouldn't have thought to search that way.

Thankfully I have several ways to extract audio from YouTube files so I should be good to go. Thanks!
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Searching for the name of the song + karaoke often works, too: the song gingerest linked was the first song in the list that I found.
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