What are your favorite sights and restaurants in Seville, Spain?
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We're going to Seville! What are your favorite sights and restaurants? Particularly I'd like to know about restaurants by neighborhood, since when I travel I often have a list of restaurants I've compiled but have trouble coordinating them with where I wind up after sightseeing. thank you, (if you happen to have favorite restaurants/sights in Cordoba that would be useful too!)
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This is where we're staying. It's described as "in the center near Plaza S. Marcos."

Maybe it would be good to know of restaurants near there, since perhaps after sightseeing we will go "home" each evening, and I understand that dinner begins very late.
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Casa Paco in the Alameda de Hercules was maybe the best tapas we ate in all of Spain. Highly recommend!
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Bar Alfalfa and Casa Antonio (famous for their snails) in Pl. Alfalfa were great.
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Ok, I can't help you with Sevilla, but perhaps the best restaurant meal I have ever had in my life (no exaggeration) was at Casa Mazal in Córdoba. My stomach is rumbling just thinking back to it. The dessert I had, almond encrusted dates with ginger ice cream (dátiles almendrados con helado de jengibre) was to die for.
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Chowhound is good for this. Sevilla is fantastic. I think of it mostly as a place for tapas. There is actually a guy who does tapas tours if that appeals. Check out 11870.com as well.

My solution to your problem is to create a Google map with lots of ideas and keep that on my phone. Of course in a place like sevilla it's pretty easy to pop into a place for a quick caña and then decide if the food looks good.
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La Carboneria - free flamenco every night around 10pm.
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Also, if you want to "do as the Spanish do" you'll want to eat as follows:
-Morning coffee and maybe a pastry; fresh OJ (available everywhere)
-11am - another coffee, maybe another pastry if needed (I recommend the torta de aceite for a yummy snack)
-2pm-ish - big meal of the day, typically three courses with a soup/stew, a meat course, and fresh fruit or cheese (or meat, then salad, then fruit/cheese).
-5pm - have a beer and some tapas with the after work crowd. I recommend getting caracoles (snails) if they have them. Albondigas (meatballs) are also amazing.
-10-11pm - have a light dinner: salad, tortilla espanola (potato omelet basically - get this if you're hungry or plan on drinking a lot), a small sandwich, etc.

Try to get on this schedule. If you go out looking for dinner at 7pm you'll find it's mostly tourists and the options are disappointing.

Drinking in public is common (legal?), so I recommend at least one night you get some beers/wine (I recommend making tinto de verano) and check out one of the plazas after dinner (so, 11pm-ish). Many young people like to pregame in the parks (botellon), and it's at least entertaining for people-watching.
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