Best catering option for a picnic in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park?
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Bay Area MeFites! I am throwing a picnic in Golden Gate Park (and I am an out-of-towner) and am overwhelmed with food options. Can you recommend some good catering companies, take-out restaurants, food trucks, etc?

It is not a huge event, probably two dozen people or so tops including kids. Bonus points for Filipino food! Thanks!
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Will you have a car, or a cab?

Kusina Ni Tess is a Cash Only joint in the sketchy area between Union Square and the Tenderloin. They do catering so you could probably call them to set something up.

237 Ellis St
San Francisco, CA 94102
b/t Mason St & Taylor St

Phone number (415) 351-1169
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Classic SF style would be an armful of boxes of dim sum. Good Luck Dim Sum on Clement or TC Pastry on Irving. Both are carry out. Preordering is entirely unnecessary.
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I second getting Dim Sum!

(Not your question, but with an organized party you might need a permit here. Speaking from experience. They are super nice on the phone and can answer your questions. You could always choose a larger informal area such as Sharon Meadow close to the playground and you'll be fine without one!)
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