San Francisco: Private Party, February: Recommendations for location, catering, bar(tender?)
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Resources/links for planning a 60-person private anniversary party in San Francisco in February? Recommendations for spaces, rentable bars, sound systems, furniture, caterers?

It's our first time doing this and we're on a tight budget, so Terra and Levende Lounge are out ($7-20k quoted...). I'm not sure what our budget is -- definitely under $5k, under $4k would be acceptable, under $3k would make me thrilled. We will be providing our own djs/musicians. We've looked at things ranging from all-inclusive bar/hor d'oeurve/soundsystem packages to nice SoMa loft rentals where we'd have to find couches, caterers, and decorations.

We've looked at six locations this week (listed for reference, and for the archives):

BamBuddha Lounge
Circolo SF
Bliss Bar
One Taste SF
Impala Restaurant & Lounge
Levende Lounge

Caterer should be veg-friendly, but not exclusively vegetarian. (BamBuddha Lounge had a great menu, btw)

They range from super swank and out of our price range, to places with seats that get cleaned once a year. So, perhaps the hive mind can expand our options and approach to this.

We'd also consider hiring someone to plan this for us, if anyone can recommend names for that as well.
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Shine is a great space. Trip, the owner is super cool and they also own Sauce, which I'm sure would be able to arrange something vegetarian for you.
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Vegetarian Caterers
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If you need to rent any kind machines (margarita, etc) or need balloons/decorating done, SF Party is the place to go.
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