Beach Blanket Birthday in the SF Bay?
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Where can I have a weekend afternoon picnic on the beach with 8-12 people within the immediate SF Bay Area?

I've been wanting to go up to Point Reyes for a birthday beach picnic at Hog Island Oyster company for the past couple years, but it's difficult to get to for most of my friends, most of whom live in San Francisco or the East Bay and don't drive. So this year I'd like to do something similar on a local beach; is it possible? Requirements: waterfront, reachable via public transit, somewhere to sit, can bring 8-12 people and lots of food. Ideally we'd be able to use a grill (either one that's already there or one we bring) and drink alcohol, but I could live without that. It's okay if we need to make reservations or get a permit. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Crissy Field has a whole area with picnic tables and grills that's right across from a beachy area.
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Best answer: Here's an old yelp thread about when to get there to get a grill spot.
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Best answer: Baker Beach also has grills, tables and restrooms.
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Best answer: Alameda Beach (aka Crown Beach)
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Response by poster: To follow up, I ended up going with the West Bluff Picnic Area at Crissy Field, and had the picnic last weekend. It was a great success!

Based on the Yelp thread rtha linked and advice from local insider friends, we did get up very, very early to claim our table--we arrived at 8:15am on an unusually beautiful, sunny, fog-free day and two other groups were already there claiming tables. Most of the picnic tables (there were a dozen or so, some with grills and some without) were still available a little after 10am, but they filled up pretty quickly after that, and getting there early allowed us to claim the table we really wanted--the single long table with a grill. It also meant we were able to get parking right there, within view of our table, while friends who showed up closer to noon mostly had to park a lot farther away.

So thanks, everyone, and especially rtha!
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I'm glad it worked out! The weather was so beyond awesome. Me, I was stuck inside all weekend, half-dead from this stupid cold. Do not get this cold. It is evil.
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