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I will be in San Diego for the first time since the late nineties. I don't want to do the beach scene and even getting up to La Jolla isn't a priority. I want to fly in and stay two weeks at a place near Ivy Street in South Park. Can I get by without a car in this area? Can I walk to restaurants, grocery stores, etc? I understand that North Park has more to do, but I have to stay at this place in South Park. Can I get by without a car in this area? Are there buses in South Park that could easily get me downtown if needed? As always, thanks in advance!
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South Park is PACKED with restaurants, is small and uber walkable, and has a grocery. It's also right on the Number 2 bus line, which will take you directly downtown.
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Best answer: I think you probably could "get by" without a car staying there.

You have the (highly recommended) Whistle Stop bar at 30th and Juniper, a couple of small grocery stores on Fern street (Fern & Grape, Fern & Elm, Fern & Cedar) and a good dozen restaurants on Fern and 30th street.

You can take the #2 bus both downtown and up to North Park.

I think you'd have much more interesting options available to you if you drove. But you could do it. Indeed, so far as San Diego neighborhoods to get by without a car would go, I'd rate this maybe a 6 out of 10 -- definitely harder than Ocean Beach, North Park, or Downtown; but not nearly as hard as it could be.
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Best answer: SDMTS Trip Planner might help you figure out if the transit system fits your needs.

I lived in San Diego for six months without a car. I walked everywhere. I still live without a car and I walk like 4 hours a day or more. I personally would not hesitate to walk from South Park to downtown San Diego (and have done so) but my life tends to have few time constraints and I have lived without a car for a number of years. I have no idea if your fitness level, shoe wardrobe, and other lifestyle factors would make this practical for you.

Here is a list of some of the restaurants and businesses: linky
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Best answer: You can get by without a car, yes.

The 2 bus line runs right through there, yes indeed. They've changed the way bus passes work so read the fares page.

My wife and I both like Lyft for getting around, and I've heard Uber and UberX do a good job as well.

And there are lots more restaurants through there. There's a Stone Brewery Company Store. My wife and I went to Alchemy recently and enjoyed it. Lots of shops, several coffeehouses, and we're coming out of a period of less-than-perfect weather. Good time to come to San Diego.
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Response by poster: Great stuff! Thank you, MeFites.
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Yes, I live in the very south end of North Park and I walk down to South Park all the time! Ivy is right in the middle of South Park and as people have said, there is plenty to do there.
Let me know if you want any specific recommendations.

It's also super easy to take the bus downtown, and it's actually better to do that than drive because parking is a giant pain down there.

However, if you want to drive somewhere else you can sign up for Car2Go! I think it's only $35 or something for a membership and you pay as you go. There are lots of their little smartcars all around the neighborhood.

Feel free to memail me if you need help or advice!
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I use uber and car2go to get around San Diego when MTS isn't fast enough. South Park is walkable but if you want to go farther use uber or car2go. Uber is free to sign up for and has a $10 off your first ride and is available in several cities in the US and Europe. Car2go has a sign up fee of $30 and requires a drivers license and they do a dmv check. But once you have the card you can use it in San Diego and several other cities in the US and Canada. Car2go started in Europe but American accounts can't use their cars unless you sign up separately.
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