Please help decipher this handwritten location in Sweden
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This snippet is from a petition for naturalization filed in North Dakota (USA) in 1908. It is referring to the birth place of a man born in Sweden in 1874. Anyone with more knowledge of historical Swedish parishes and/or turn-of-the-century handwriting care to help me decipher the first word?

I can read "...tofta" but that seems like a common place-name-ending. I believe two of his children were born in Gualöv if that provides any clues.
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It might be helpful if you could use an image with more handwriting from the same person. I am sometimes able to figure these things out by pattern-matching the way someone wrote letters in other words.
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Could it be Gantofta, Sweden?

That first letter could be a Palmer Handwriting G.
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Ivetofta? It's only about three miles from Gualöv, and old capital I's can look like that.
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"Tofta" is found in place names across Southern Sweden (Skåne) and on the island of Gotland.
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Yes, Ivetofta. In the old spelling Ifvetofta.
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This is Ivetofta, spelt in an old way as "Ifvatofta".
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(I saw Ivetofta on a map but there were too many letters! Thanks for the confirmation.)
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