Recommend music similar to Figurine's The Heartfelt.
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MusicFilter: I enjoy Figurine. What else would I like?

I specifically dig their album The Heartfelt, especially songs like Stranger, Time(His Mix), and So Futuristic.

I guess you'd call it electronic pop music with a sort of blasé, soft(yet easily intelligible), vocal style. The lyrics are usually rather simple and are about relationships and observations within the digital age.

To skip some more obvious recommendations: Yes I've listened to both dntel and The Postal Service.

Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.
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Barcelona and Ladytron might be up your alley. Also, if you join, you can listen to the "similar artists" radio for Figurine, and get more recommendations.
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You might want to try Peaches though her style is much more aggressive.
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The Notwist (I guess also obviously) would possibly be a good fit - look for their later stuff, ie Neon Golden, rather than early and punky. Also, 13+God (Notwist with hip-hoppers Themselves) will probably be suitable.

Sia is a good, slightly slinky female version. She has a great voice and uses good overlapping beats.
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Check out Lali Puna.
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Yes, The Notwist. Neon Golden is excellent.
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Most anything on the Morr label, probably. Especially Notwist/Ms. John Soda and Lali Puna, as previously recommended, as well as B. Flesichmann (no vocals though), Isan, Solvent. Styrofoam is probably a lot like Figurine, too, although I like all the aforementioned artists better than either of them.

Other recommendations: Boom Bip, Broadcast, Lismore, Clue to Kalo, Pulseprogramming.
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If you learn towards the more poppy side of the electronic music spectrum, check out Entre Rios on Darla Records as well.
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Her Space Holiday is electronic pop music with a sort of blasé, soft(yet easily intelligible), vocal style. Ok maybe the new album isn't as electronic, but their "Manic Expressive' is and it's fantabulous.

Also look into Freezepop. They sing about robots and love and computers and robot computer love just like Figurine but they're more tounge in cheek and more cartoonish - themeatically along the same lines as Barcelona but more synth.
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Anything on Morr is a good suggestion. Some of their various artists releases will introduce you to many people in one shot.

How about Bobby Birdman? (mp3 mp3)

Ms. John Soda might be up your alley as well. Features one of the members of Notwist.
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more Bobby Birdman mp3s
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Since people are recommending morr, I think the best introduction to morr is the "blue skied an' clear" comp, which is one cd of slowdive covers, and one cd of slowdive-inspired new songs. I also think the best artist on morr/morr-related labels is ulrich schnauss, but that is somewhat far from figurine. Lali Puna is probably, I think, the best morr recommendation for a figurine-liker; maybe isan and solvent too, but they have no vocals. Also boom bip is amazing, but I'm not sure it's that close to figurine. I happen to know someone in figurine, by the way, and this is all stuff that she likes too.
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Stars - The Comeback EP
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