European Music Nerds!
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European Music Nerds! I'm putting together a show for a local community radio station and am looking for (preferably foreign-language) not very mainstream music from Europe.

The show's theme is European rock, pop and electronic music, and in the past we've been successful with stuff like Stereolab, Pia Fraus, Komeda, Miss Kittin, Hooverphonic, Arno, Ladytron, and Superpitcher.

While all these artists are European (and damn good in my opinion), what I'd like to get is both more European artists that sound like them and, if possible, that sing in something that's not English.
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That's a pretty broad sweep of music you're asking about. There are 450 million people in Europe, and many of them have made records.

Having said that you should play Justus Köhncke 'So Weit Wie Noch Nie' and Lützenkirchen '3 Tage wach'

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Actually scratch that. Play the Jurgen Paape version it's much better.
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Movits, cool Swedish rap group with a speakeasy twang.
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Stereo Total, Yelle, Junkie XL.
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Barbara Morgenstern would fit nicely I'd think.
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I got some great answers in a question I asked last year--surely needs to be updated, but there's gold in them thar replies.
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Villa Nah. Spacious retro-electro pop, but in english. Very much in lift in Helsinki.
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El Guincho
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Hm. I really liked that MedienGruppe Telekommander track "Bis Zum Erbrechen Schreien" from this recent post. (But you will probably be swamped by Germans.)
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At the Close of Every Day sing most of their songs in Dutch, but may be a little slow for your needs.

Monsiuer Mo Rio sings a lot of songs in French.
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Something from the Welsh-language scene? Maybe Gorkys (YouTube) or my old faves Anhrefn (YouTube)?
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Doh. Managed to link to an English-language Gorky's track (crappy Chinese proxy delay!), but check out the links in related.
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Mickey 3D (French).
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Recently sent to me by a friend: Roots Intention Crew (French). I'm not really into their dance/techno/reggae stuff (it may fit your playlist genres though), but the flamenco stuff off El Yanto is pretty good. The page I linked to has downloadable MP3s.
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Opgezwolle - Rustug laid back Dutch rap
Sticks & Delic - Welkomswoord Dutch rap
De Dijk with Solomon Burke blues/rock (with parts in English)
Voicst - Everyday I work on the road Pop/rock
Coparck - A good year for the robots Pop/rock
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One more:

Bastian - Groceries Cheesy Electro Funk
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You guys are wonderful, just WONDERFUL. Keep 'em coming.
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Apparat Organ Quartet (Romantika)
Stina Nordenstam (Little Star, The Diver, Clothe Yourself for the Wind), though she sings in English.
200.000 naglbítar & Lúðrasveit verkalýðsins (Láttu mig vera).
Mammút (Svefnsýkt, Geimþrá).
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Short documentary about Mammút.
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Balkan wedding bands, notably Ivo Papasov and Yuri Yunakov as well as the "mysterious" Bulgarian Women's choir.
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From France, try Têtes Raides who sort of remind me of Gogol Bordello with their folky circus theatricality (here's a youtube link).
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