Meditation/yoga music made with real sounds
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Please suggest your favorite music for yoga and/or meditation that is made with real sounds or instruments (singing bowls, water, etc) instead of synthesizers.

I've just started yoga and have found I LOVE the meditation part at the end. This is the first time I've listened to meditation music. I'm finding voices, synthesizers or overproduced music/sounds to be distracting and unpleasant - and there's a lot of that to wade through. Real sounds like Jane Winther's Singing Bowls and Bells really work well for me. Any suggestions for similar stuff that might fit the bill? Thank you!!
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Tamboura, plain and simple. You can listen (and buy) here.
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If you like singing bowls perhaps you will like Native American Flute. They play a lot on Pandora's yoga channel. I thumbs up all the native American flute, and thumbs down all the other (synthesized) songs so now it plays native American flute exclusively. I hate synthesized "new agey" music and Pandora's yoga channel is weird because none of it is like anything anyone would do yoga to. It's just weird synthesized music that's supposed to be relaxing.
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On Android, the Sleepy Time app. On iOS, IpnosSoft's CSSP (or you may be interested in one of their other apps, some of which are glare to meditation). Both allow you to mix up sets of white or similar sounds.
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I use stuff like Jonas Hellborg, Zenhouse, for this
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When I was a kid I loved a cassette by Sylvan Grey called Ice Flowers Melting, which is instrumental music played on a kantele (a zither-ish instrument from Finland). It's really mellow, but not synthy, and it's available on iTunes.
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