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I've always been interested in observing the crazy things people do, especially when then Internet is involved. I'm working on a paper detailing the various drama/scandals that have occurred via the Internet, especially within fandom (however, fandom involvement isn't necessary). Two incidents that I've already researched and plan on using are this and this. Bonus points for topics that have occurred more recently and that have blogs or forum threads with first hand accounts from people directly involved. Thanks!
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Pretty much all the nerd / fandom dramas that I know are about collisions between cluelessness and social justice.

Google for:

  • the Open Source Boob Project

  • Racefail 2009

  • the very very recent Dave Truesdale petition regarding politically correct, anti-First Amendment "censorship" of the SFWA Chronicle

  • The dickwolves of PAX.

  • Con anti-harassment policies

  • Anita Sarkesian's kickstarter

  • Mongoose Rape Apologist

  • The atheist community has also had numerous nerd vs. feminist run-ins but I don't know what the googleable stuff is there. I hope this is the kind of thing you are looking for!
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    In the past, I've used Encyclopedia Dramatica as a starting point for writing about 'internet drama'.

    This (MsScribe) is some of the most interesting and far-reaching fandom drama I've ever read about. It's a time investment but well worth it if you're looking to write about this stuff, imo! It's also VERY well-documented on livejournal if you poke around through the links a bit.

    Wired did an article on Limeybean who faked her own death and I'm sure you can dig up a bunch of first hand accounts quite easily.

    This Daily Dot article about Fandom Wank and the site itself may also be of interest.
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    I've seen some extensive documentation of several fake-illness-for-internet-attention happenings.

    Munchausen by Internet or something like that.
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    Gay girl in Damascus
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    Searching for Amy Player/Victoria Bitter will lead you down an unbelievably messed-up trail that goes back probably almost ten years now, and still crops up with new excitement from time to time. This is probably a decent starting point, mostly for the many links, but there's a lot (seriously, so much) written about this.
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    The 10 best tales of online drama from 10 years of Fandom_Wank. I found this looking for number 6.

    Google around also for Mystical Creations Yarn. It's a fake death story. If you can get access to Ravelry, the relevant forum is called Mysterious Circumstances, Yo.
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    Reddit is full of it.

    Sorting this subreddit by top will get you some gems.

    Recent drama around Apple removing bitcoin apps off the app store.

    The whole violentacrez thing. Also look for it on metafilter. A couple of recaps from reddit.

    The whole atheism subreddit moderation thing, also known as may may june. Best quote ever: "Socrates died for this shit". A recap, with some more context.

    Also, metafilter has enough items to qualify for this as well. Like the Violet Blue Boing Boing affair.
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    Everything Cassie Claire, and definitely Msscribe. The link goes to chapter 1 of 10.
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    There's Hockey Twitter Catfishing - playing out now, actually.
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    There was some drama in the YA book blogging world involving plagiarism:
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    I see Thanfiction/Andrew Blake/Amy Player etc. has already been mentioned, but I wanted to recommend this blog about the experience of being in his 'cult' and getting out of it.
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    Razing Ruth, which grew out of the fan forums at Free Jinger.
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    Ran across this and this follow up of some non-fandom drama.

    I see Thanfiction/Andrew Blake/Amy Player etc. has already been mentioned, but I wanted to recommend this blog about the experience of being in his 'cult' and getting out of it.

    Wow, I was not familiar with this story until this question and it is fascinating and sad.
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    Get Off My Internets will have a ton of this stuff. It might even be worth signing up for a forum account and posting the question there. It tends to be critical/analytical rather than straightforwardly unpleasant (I read some of the fashion blogger threads purely because there's a personal shopper on there who knows everything about fit and proportion) so you might find good accounts there.

    GuruGossiper is a forum dedicated to make-up blogger/vlogger drama. It is unpleasantly bitchy at times, but there was a particular 'guru' who was called out as a fraud - I can't find it now, mainly because the site can be pretty inside baseball if you don't follow a lot of these people. Maybe Kandee Johnson? On a similar note, Limecrime was the centre of an internet scandal for a while.

    Oh yeah, mention of Ravelry reminded me about the Ravelry Rubberneckers forum, which is essentially the fandom_wank of knitting.

    Also, back in my LJ days, I found the amount of vitriol and wank in the Elegant Gothic Lolita communities quite astonishing. Even given that most of the women in that hobby were teenage girls. Does that count as fandom drama?
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