The Game of Life
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Trying to identify this elaborate custom-tailored performance art/ARG project I read about, possibly on MetaFilter, circa 2007-2010. Basically: you apply for the chance to have this group go to your hometown and stage an elaborate theatrical experience personalized to you, starring all your friends and family, for the purposes of creating a powerful emotional experience.

While reading the FanFare thread for the movie The Game, I was reminded of an interesting custom-tailored performance art/ARG thing I'd read about a few years ago, possibly on MetaFilter, circa 2007-2010.

IIRC, the project was still in an early applications phase. You'd send in a sort of psych profile detailing your personal life and history and dreams and hopes and fears. If you were chosen, this group would go to your hometown, scout out the place, interview all your friends/family/co-workers, and then enlist them in some kind of elaborate personalized game-like experience designed to affect you on a deeply personal and emotional level. Almost like an intervention, but more positive and spirit-quest-y.

I've been trying to find out if anything ever came of this idea, but understandably search terms like "the game in real life" aren't very fruitful. Anybody recognize what I'm talking about here?
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Best answer: Check your MeMail.
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From the Horses Mouth does this in the context of dance and dancers. I saw a performance they created for a dance teacher who was retiring after about 35 years, have launched the careers of many successful dancers and dance teachers. A couple dozen of her former students came back and worked for a day or two to create pieces that combined dance and storytelling, all built around honoring this woman's work. It was incredible.
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Best answer: Thanks, tapir-whorf!

For the record, the group is called Odyssey Works; you can read about it in this NYTimes write-up and this 2012 MeFi post. I could have sworn I read it here prior to that, but their application page is from 2012, too. Oh well, mystery solved!
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