I just want to read some Conan...
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Help! I can't find a fandom website I swear existed.

It was about how to start on a new media thing. You'd type in, say, Spiderman, and it would tell you what you should read/watch first, and where to go from there, and what you needed to know about it. I could have sworn I saw it on the blue, but no search terms seem to help. And my pathetic google-fu has failed me yet again.

Please tell me I didn't imagine it.
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The Gateways to Geekery series at the AV Club sounds quite similar.
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Response by poster: Hm. I don't think that was it, but maybe? Thanks!
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The Crack Van has Fandom Overviews that can be pretty useful (but I didn't spot Conan).
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Gateways to Geekery has a Conan article
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