Where can I find a straightforward NBC Olympics schedule?
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Maybe it's just my computer, but NBC's Olympics schedule page is horribly broken for me. I'm looking both for a schedule of what time each event will be streamed live, as well as a schedule of NBC's primetime coverage. Are there any other sites where I can find it -- preferably in plaintext? I'm particularly interested in the figure-skating events, so if there's a site where I can find just those times, that would be helpful too.
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Best answer: This page contains links for both the American TV schedule and for the full event schedule (which is the page you've linked). Although you can choose specific sports on the right side of the TV schedule page, it won't be easy to scan for your preferred event over the full two weeks so you may also want to refer to the Wikipedia page for the figure-skating events. Note that all times given are Moscow time.

The streaming should be live, so you can refer to the event schedule to see when you should log-in to the NBC Olympics streaming site.

Also, if you Google "2014 olympics schedule" the first result should be an expandable, easily browsable day-by-day list.
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For the last Olympics, I found the BBC coverage to be far better than NBC's coverage. I used a VPN program (Unblock US) to access their online streaming (which you can only do "inside" the UK).

Relevant article.
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Best answer: It's not just you…

Review: NBC Olympics online deserves silver medal, Anick Jesdanun, Associated Press, 06 February 2014

The schedule site was all the way broken for me as well. So I went into Incognito Mode and fiddled with SafeScript and Ghostery. I had to allow all of the following Javascript to run to make the schedule widget work:
  • ScriptSafe
    • www.nbcolympics.com (12)
    • www.googletagservices.com (1)
    • www.nbcudigitaladops.com (3)

  • Ghostery
    • DoubleClick — http://www.googletagservices.com/tag/js/gpt.js
Please note I did not have to disable AdBlock Plus.

It hurt my feelings to allow googletageservices.com/DoubleClick, but once I did that, the schedule widget worked immediately.

To make http://stream.nbcolympics.com/ work for live streaming, I enabled the following:
  • ScriptSafe
    • *.nbcolympics.com (51)
    • *.adobe.com (9)
    • oimg.nbcuni.com (4)

Note I did not have to allow any sites in Ghostery or disable AdBlock Plus.
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mekily: “I'm looking both for a schedule of what time each event will be streamed live, as well as a schedule of NBC's primetime coverage.”
So after struggling with this site again this morning, I've found that there simply is not a clickable, hour-by-hour listing of streaming events. You counter-intuitively have to go to the "Video" page, where you'll find a blog post listing what events will be on at what times — in semi-chronological order for your viewing inconvenience.

I tried to skip ahead by substituting "sunday-feb-9" in the URL, but no dice. They evidently haven't published tomorrow's schedule yet. Even though it's almost certainly in the can.

I don't understand not having a standard, gridded program schedule available via a prominent link on the live streaming site. Or even a "watch now" link on the event schedule during its live stream. It annoyed me enough that I got on twitter to complain.

It's not like NBC Universal hangs drywall for a living and does live media events on the side. They had a meeting, and everyone at that meeting agreed to the website design as it stands. All those people should be fired.
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It's not perfect, but they at least have a consistent landing URL now for the LiveExtra Schedule.

Of course, I can't find an URL for the NBC Sports Network feed for today, so I can't just put it on in the background like I did last night…
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Oh for the love of…

If you go to the LiveExtra page, there's a a list of videos on the right hand side. Just above that list of videos, in tiny, light gray print on a dark gray background, there are two links: 'Live' and 'Related Videos'. Related videos is selected by default. If you click on live, you get a list of everything that's streaming right now.
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