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How can I watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, now that I've missed it?

I have a TV but no cable or antennae, and NBC online doesn't seem to have the full thing as a video. Will it be rebroadcast on the web? Will NBC host it after the Olympics are over? Will it be released on Criterion?
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If you're alright with bittorrent you can find it on The Pirate Bay.
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It's up on a few different bitTorrent sites if you're not opposed to downloading.
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Best answer: You could get a high quality version in a torrent.

Look at this list on demonoid for available torrents.

Mefi mail me if you have questions!
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It's available to download from the usual public bittorrent sites as well as Usenet, in multiple formats, qualities and languages.
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oh for the day when synchronized posting makes it into the Olympics...
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It's probably on NBC right now lol.
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Best answer: NBC Encore.
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An elderly friend of mine was complaining that she had a power outage right in the middle of the opening ceremonies, so I'm BitTorrenting a HDTV version of it and am making her a DVD.
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Best answer: Apparently it is on NBC online. See this comment on the blue.
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NBC is now selling it as a two-volume DVD. (Shipments start September 10th)
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