Twitter client to hide @ replies from select tweeters
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I follow a group of friends who are interesting, fun, and definitely worth following, but they tweet at each other non-stop. At any given time at least half the tweets in my stream are @ messages between the same four or five people. I don't want to unfollow them, and I don't want to turn replies off for everyone. Is there a Mac, iOS, and/or web client that lets me hide @ replies on a per-user basis?
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Best answer: You could probably do this in Tweetbot by making a mute filter that looks like ^@(friend|friend|friend|friend)
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Best answer: Here's a bookmarklet that deletes conversations from the Twitter web page. It can be generalized into a Chrome extension or other plugin that works automatically on and is specific to users you list.
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Response by poster: grudgebgon's method is flawless, thank you. I had no idea that Tweetbot let you use regex in your filters, wow!

I marked ignignokt as best answer as well, because...come on, he wrote a bookmarklet for me from scratch!
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