Can I watch the whole Olympics online over the next few months?
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I love the Olympics and would love to watch lots and lots of it, but I don't have time now. My Tivo is just about full. I find baffling. The only videos I see there are highlights. Are there long-attention-span videos of events? For how long will this be available? I'm in the US and I'm a Comcast subscriber.
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I think this is the website you want:

You log in with your Comcast account information, and you can stream live or watch full replays. I don't have cable so I don't know the specifics of how exactly to watch full replays through that website.
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From reading the FAQ, it seems like access will be available at least through Feb. 23rd.
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Full event replays are available on the nbc site, but NBC sucks and so does the webstream experience. the replays are hard to find, really hard to find; the pages with the replays have spoilers splashed all over them and the flash player doesn't have controls so you can't pause or fast forward what you are watching. so far they only have 2 commercials and they play at 4 times the volume of the rest of the event.
you'd be better off clearing space on your tivo.
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I have an Aereo subscription. At $12/month I get 60 hours of online dvd capability. I'm using that to load up on Olympics to watch at my leisure. Of course, it goes away if I stop paying my $12/month. But it is one option.
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If you have an ipad, the NBC Live Extra app has been working pretty well for me. They have highlights and some other videos for free and you can log in with your Comcast info to watch full event replays. For example, the full event replay of the women's slopestyle finals had every run with commentary. What the app doesn't have is the prime time broadcasts with Bob Costas et. al.
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I hear there are... Places.... Bays, if you will, of sea farers of disrepute.... Where you can download this stuff
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Comcast On Demand has a section for the Olympics. You can watch online here, or on the On Demand channel on your TV. They have highlights and full events, and it looks like they will be available through March 26.
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