What book is this?
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Asking for a friend, who writes...
Somewhere along the line in life, I let someone borrow a book in which a character, presumably named Christine fakes a pregnancy, where she has a pillow with a child's face drawn on it under her dress. It also includes people being ripped apart by demonic monkeys, or something of that sort... while I know this book sounds strange, I need to find out what it's called... so let me know, if you know.

I have every faith in you guys.
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TVTropes has a page on Pillow Pregnancy. While I didn't see anything that matches your description, it's possible that your friend is misremembering the details.
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Suddenly, Last Summer is a play by Tennessee Williams featuring a woman named Catharine who has a breakdown after watching her cousin Sebastian be torn apart by cannibals. It's tenuous, but the woman with a C-name plus someone being torn apart made me wonder if it was this. Don't remember anything about a pregnancy, though.
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It is very likely I'm wrong on this, but part of me wants to say that, in the early 90s, I read a Christopher Pike or R.L. Stine book that this question reminds me of. Or something else my high school boyfriend brought home... and he was mostly into those two at the time. I just can't grab any more memory out of it than a vague feeling.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. No joy, but it was fun looking at alll of those!
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