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How can I resize scans as I go?

I take a ton of handwritten notes at work. I have settled on mostly using 3X5 inch cards using this set up. My notes build up, get away from me and go untended. I have decided to scan them at the end of each week with a Scansnap scanner and keep them digitally so I can access them from my phone. I can't seem to figure out how to resize the 3X5 cards so they take up a whole page. This would help for viewing and even printing. The loss of quality as I enlarge doesn't really matter. When I find advice to resize it seems to assume I want to print onto 3X5 and that won't work for me.
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This is probably going to be a function of your software, not the ScanSnap itself. What are you doing with the documents once scanned to make them available on your phone?

I'm going to probably end up suggesting Evernote as a solution - it will share the docs to any of your devices, they come out a good size (I just tested a 3x5 through mine) and it'll make your notes searchable.
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Response by poster: I will use google drive for access. Evernote would be great but I don't think that would be ok with my job.
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Can you post a sample scan? Is the problem that the SnapScan is creating a blank 8.5x11 canvas that your little 3x5 card sits on, so the page is mostly whitespace even when you zoom "full"? That seems like an erroneous setting in the SnapScan. ("automatic cropping" is listed as a feature on Amazon)
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Best answer: So I just did another test run - scanned to PDF and then uploaded it to Google Drive, and it looked okay on both my Mac and my iPhone.

If you're looking to take that PDF that comes out of scanning the card and enlarge it to full-page size, I'm not sure PDF is the right medium for you. What you probably can do is create a profile in the Scansnap Manager to scan it to a jpg, and then create some kind of a process to double the size automatically before uploading to Google. If you're on a Mac, you can probably do this with an Automator action. If you're on Windows, I'm not sure how easily the process can be automated.
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