I need your help ID'ing an artist.
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On the day of my grandmother's funeral 21 years ago, my family discovered that, prior to her death, she had written a letter addressed to me on the back of a painting that hung in her house. As you can imagine, the painting (and the letter, which I have preserved) has enormous sentimental value for me - I often tell people that in the case of a fire, the only thing I'm carrying out of here is my painting. The painting is signed with the name "Julian", but the handwriting does not match any of the Julians in the artist directory books at the Library of Congress (oh yeah, I went to the LOC to research this issue). Here is a photo!

I'm writing because I have been trying over the last few years (off and on) to positively identify the artist. Museum inquiries have not proven fruitful. It would mean the world to me if I could identify this artist. All I ever knew about the painting was that it was done by an artist in Chicago in the 1950s or 1960s. Any ideas / suggestions / help would be most appreciated.
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Could it be Julian Ritter? Active in Chicago around that time period.
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Here are some of his portraits, if you'd like to compare styles. He also signs his work "Julian" on the front.
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Re: Julian Ritter.. this is how he seems to sign, a bit different than what you have.
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Response by poster: I investigated Ritter - it's not his signature. Since I have two "Julian" paintings at home, I'm convinced that this Julian used the same signature across all of his / her work. Thanks for the suggestion!!
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Are there any markings on the back? Could you include a picture of the back? How did you find out it's from Chicago?
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Have you shown it to anyone at the Art Institute of Chicago? Have you checked out the DuSable Museum of African American History? The librarian there is named Beatrice Julian!
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I'm guessing it's not Julien Binford based on the spelling difference?
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Can your post photos of the other Julian painting?
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I clicked on the image before reading your question fully and thought the signature was Julia rather than Julian, could that be possible?
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Since I have two "Julian" paintings at home

Sharing another example of the artist's work may help with identifying them.
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It seems that the 'i' is dotted with a heart... I'm thinking this is not Julian at all.
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Response by poster: The "i" is not dotted with a heart, although it certainly appears so in the photograph. I'm staring at it now and there's no heart (that may have just been the flash). The signature is definitely "Julian". The other painting is with family in another city and I do not have a photo (and unfortunately cannot post). The signatures in the two painting are identical ("JULIAN" with the flourish on the "n").
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions on this - We'll keep the search going!!
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