Help me provide hours of music for a sporting event with minimal effort.
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How can I easily provide about twelve hours of family-friendly music for a sporting event?

I need to meet the following requirements:

1) Relatively high energy.
2) Reasonably well liked by all ages (I don't want to field complaints from teenagers who would rather plug in their phones and I don't want to annoy the mostly middle-aged or older volunteers).
3) Appropriate for all ages. One or two words isn't going to ruin the day, but there will be competitors from age 4 to 80 on site, so reasonably family-friendly is non-negotiable.
4) Downloadable is preferred to streaming (no wifi, I'd rather not stream this much on my phone).
5) Minimal effort. I don't have more than an hour to dedicate to this.
6) Minimal interruptions. No annoying station IDs.

I have a sufficient sound system (loudspeakers and sub). This seems like a simple problem, but I've yet to find an optimal way to do this. I have no (or nearly no) budget.
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I tried this for a Halloween party and spent a ton of time and money and ended up just hooking up my phone w/ Pandora to the sound system.

You could rent a pay as you go hot spot and a Pandora or equivalent account for less than what you would spend on buying the music.
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Similarly, you could sign on to a service such as Spotify that already has a ton of user-generated playlists online and just let those roll. I think the 30-day free trial doesn't have audio ads, but a paid subscription would be under 10 bucks.
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Seconding Spotify. You can download the tracks/playlists (hours of music) to your computer or phone and play without any internet connectivity.
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Is this sporting event open to the public? If so, you should either make sure you have the appropriate music licensing in place, or be aware of any legal risk you (and anyone sponsoring the event) might be taking. This article may be helpful.
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