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I share a computer with my kids, and our iTunes library has both my music and theirs on it. I also subscribe to iTunes Match, which my kids don't use. I don't want their music to show up on my devices. Is there a way to keep music on iTunes on a Mac without also having it show up in iCloud? I know you can delete music from a computer and keep it in the cloud, but I'd like to do the opposite of that.
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You can make separate libraries in iTunes, and set yours to be the only one using Match. I think things get more complicated if there are also multiple Apple IDs.
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I have seperate users on my PC (can Mac do that?) which allows for 2 seperate iTunes accounts/libraries. My daughter has her own Apple ID and we store the music on an external hard disk. Is this an option for you?
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I have seperate users on my PC (can Mac do that?)

Yes, a Mac can support more than one user account. This is an easy way to solve the problem, given support for quick user switching: just click in the top-right corner of the screen where the username appears to swap out account logins.
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There was some trickiness with associating multiple AppleIDs with the same computer. But if you're the only one using iTunes Match, it should be ok.

[As recently as a couple months ago, the Apple discussion forums had lots of people posting that even with separate accounts, Apple only allows different AppleIDs every 90 days. But I think that's for people where both accounts want to use their own iTunes Match? Because there's a difference between associating and authorizing an account. Though, hopefully Apple has resolved this in the new year at least for Match.]
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