Help me find awesome courses on iTunes U.
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My husband and I have gotten absolutely addicted to Yale history prof David Blight's course on the American civil war on iTunes U. Help us find more courses like this, preferably in the humanities. What are your favorites?
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The Yale course on Ancient Greek History (Kagan) on iTunes U was pretty great. Listened to it all the way across I80. A bit wandering at times, but it made it all the more charming, imo.
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It's not on itunes, but Philip Daileader's three sets of Medieval History courses (Low, middle and Hi) through the Teaching Company's Great Courses' series was fantastic.

I got it from the library on CD and ripped it to my ipod no problem. It was months of some of the best listening I've had.
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Even though it just finished up 'The History of Rome' podcast is extensive and in depth and very entertaining.
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There's a good list at Open Culture.
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I love love loved Frank Snowden's lectures in the "Epidemics in Western Society Since 1600" course at Yale (available in the same place). Lecture 21 on the Tuskeegee Experiment was amazing.
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I really enjoyed Paul Bloom's psychology course:
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I really enjoy David Wetzel's (of UC Berkeley) history lectures. You can get them here or through iTunes U.
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In Our Time is a BBC radio program you can get in podcast form. It's not a course per se, but more like a one hour mini-course on a given subject, usually historical with occasional forrays into science and philosophy.
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Not historical, but I love Michael Sandel's course on philosophy which is offered on iTunes U.
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Robert Greenberg's music history courses.
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Nthing the Snowden lectures, they were I think the best lectures I've ever listened to. A good source for recommendations is The DIY scholar.
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I don't know the course you listened to, but I really enjoyed Lars Brownworth's 12 Byzantine Emperors, and The Teaching Company's lectures on early Christianity by Bart D. Ehrman.
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Just to weigh back in, but 12 Byzantine Emperors - whilst veyr enjoyable and listenable to be sure - is a very problematic spin on the Byzantine Empire. Brownworth gets several facts straight-out wrong, like, wrong people, wrong years, wrong locations - but more detrimental is his overall take on things, which really misrepresents both the culture of the empire itself, and its geopolitical implications. His broad thesis (which he kind of dances around until the end - "Byzantines saved Europe from slavering Muslim hordes", is largely unsupportable and also kinda racist.

Far superior, though the audio quality is not as good and it's more demanding as an actual undergrad course, is Professor Matthew Herbst's Byzantine Empire course from UCSD.
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smoke: I suspect we may have been round this loop before, but do you have any links to take-downs of 12 Byzantine Emperors? I'd like to learn more.
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I have a tremendous crush on Prof. John Merriman, also of Yale, thanks to his two courses on iTunes (European history / France since $date), You may also enjoy Joanne B. Freeman's lectures on the American Revolution.
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David Harvey's course on Reading Marx's Capital is really insightful.
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(an aside: Any way to get these without iTunes? Apologies for what might be a silly question.)
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