Looking for tools or techniques to sort a photo library while on the go
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I'm looking for a way to sort through my mountain of photos while I'm on the go, using an iPhone. (I shoot in RAW, so I guess it would need to involve exporting small JPGs to a Dropbox folder or an app.) I don't need to rate the photos, only flag/unflag/set as rejected (like Lightroom). The catch is that I'd like the changes I make on the go to somehow sync back to Lightroom on my computer. Is there an app for this that comes to mind, or any ideas you guys could suggest? Thanks!
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Looks like Mosaic is trying to do this, but doesn't have many ratings on the app store..
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Thanks, I will check it out. I also found Photosmith (iPad-only) but the reviews says it's crashy, plus expensive. Happy these tools exist though - perhaps there's no need for hacky solutions to this problem after all.
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