Looking for a furniture restorer and shipper near Glasgow
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My mother has a toolbox made by her father; it's in pretty rough shape and was made during WWII out of very cheap materials so has nothing but sentimental value (but a lot of it, so cost of repairs are not so important - I'd rather get a good job done and pay more, than be unhappy and save a few pounds). She's offered it to me and I'd love to get it restored and then shipped to me in Canada (Vancouver). She lives near Glasgow and I was hoping to get recommendations for someone there or S. Ayreshire - but Edinburgh would work in a pinch.
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Just wondering (and I suppose a veiled suggestion): why wouldn't you simply have her ship it to you and then arrange for repair/restoration local to you?
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Response by poster: Because it's in a very fragile condition and won't survive shipping unless restored first.
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Best answer: If you don't get an answer here, try the UKworkshop, Lumberjocks or the Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement hand tool forums. Old fashioned tool chest contruction has become sort of a trending topic in hand tool woodworking circles (thanks to Chris Schwarz and The Anarchist's Toolchest) I think it would be important to include a few photos of it's condition issues.

By cheap materials, do you mean it's made out of pine? Pine is a standard and respectable wood for tool chest construction because it's so light.

Nice that you appreciate it's value. Hope it works out.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestion for where to look; it's made out of old packing cases, so very thin and fragile. I'll have my mother take some photos and try the forums if all else fails. (Sorry to threadsit, but thought the materials might be important for someone else wanting to comment.)
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Best answer: Contact Great Western Auctions in Glasgow. They will advise on who to contact re: restoration and shipping.
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Best answer: I have had success in the past finding specialists by using the Guild of Master Craftsmen. I haven't used it for carpentry-related requirements, so I'm afraid I have no specific recommendation for you. Nevertheless, it might be worth giving them a call if no better option presents itself.
I would also second mani's suggestion of contacting a reputable auction house for some recommendations. They are likely to know tradesmen who specialise in restoration.
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