Recommend Brooklyn sports bar near Barclays Center?
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We have Nets tickets for this Saturday at Barclays Center but may want to scoot a bit early to catch the end of Eagles/Saints if possible. Looking for a nearby place (walking distance) that's not too crazy (two 14yo boys with us) and will be open to putting that game on a TV if it's not on.
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Best answer: Just to make your search either slightly easier or slightly harder: if you have two 14-year-olds with you, getting into a bar in downtown Brooklyn on a Saturday night is a non-starter. There's definitely cafes and little restaurants and stuff where you can get a beer and watch the game with your family, but straight-up bars do not let kids in on Saturday nights (even if they do at other times.)
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Best answer: Woodwork looks like they plan on playing the game, and the guys who work there are very nice. Give them a ring and see if 14 year olds are a problem.

(Further south, but more of a pub-restaurant with five billion TVs is 200 Fifth. I have not been in there myself but I bet it would be no problem to have a couple of 14 year olds in there.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip on bars. Would not have thought about that. Not sure of the line between a bar and a restaurant, but we'll call ahead to be sure.

Woodwork and 200 Fifth both seem great. ("where everyone seems to know your name" is a little creepy though!)

Keep the suggestions coming, more choices are always better.
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Bark Hot Dogs is great. The kids will love it, and I think they have a couple TVs.
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I have always understood the line between a bar and a restaurant as the percentage of sales that is food. I also thought 9:00pm was the magical cutoff for kids in bars. I am not a lawyer nor do I have anything to cite. Just what I recall and what seemed to be the demarcation when I was out with my teens in NYC and the NY area.
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Mullanes is probably about five minutes walk.
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What time is the game you want to watch?

In addition to Woodwork, which is closer to the stadium, both Soda Bar and Plan B on Vanderbilt have multiple televisions.

Neither frown on kids, as long as they're not actually bellying up to the actual bar.
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