30th Birthday in Brooklyn?
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Trying to throw a 30th birthday party for my girlfriend. We're in Brooklyn. I've read other questions like this one, but none of the answers quite fit the bill.

We're looking have a get-together of about 10-15 people on Saturday the 20th or Saturday the 27th. We live in Greenpoint and would prefer not to go to Manhattan or Queens. We want to do something bar-like, but not bar-centric, something that's a little more fun than just a bar. Actually, we'd prefer to stay around Greenpoint/Williamsburg if possible (but this is not 100% necessary). I'm actually pretty stumped because we don't really like Barcade, I work at Full Circle Bar, and everything else just seems like a bar or a restaurant.

Perhaps there's some other kind of event? We looked at Brooklyn Cyclones games but they're away both Saturdays...

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Royal Oak would be good for this, I think. They usually have dancing. Do you like dancing?
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Royal Oak is closed now.
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no way really? ok then, my dance question still stands.
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TBD on Franklin Ave and Greene has a ping pong table, and a pretty big 'beer garden' in back with lots of picnic tables.

The Gutter will be miserable for 15 people..trust me, I've tried it.

How about a day at Smorgasburg?
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Melody Lanes in Sunset Park is super fun, cheap beer, and full of people from all walks of life on a weekend night, albeit a bit far from you and totally stubbornly unhip (part of the charm).
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Response by poster: Smorgasburg is great, but this is going to be a night thing. After 8:00 probably. TBD is an option, but I've always found the atmosphere kinda weird and sterile, it's okay I guess. Dancing is fine, but not really the thing for this. Yeah the williamsburg/greenpoint bowling thing will be bat shit insane on a Saturday night.

Dixiecupdrinking: Unhip things are totally up our alley, but Sunset Park is a bit out of the way for our posse.

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I keep thinking of places that are like super out of the way, but Ice House in Red Hook has good food and a huge backyard and it always feels bizarrely chill and kind of seaside, like I've escaped to the Jersey Shore or something, which makes it seem more like an event than just hanging at a bar to me. At least you can take the G close or the B61 there... but still, probably not really what you're looking for, sorry.
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Manhattan Inn has piano nights. And later, DJs.

Also, if you just want a nice, big backyard with plenty of seats, then Spuyten Duyvil would fit the bill.
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Alright I'm gonna go out on a limb here....ride the Staten Island Ferry a bunch of times back and forth.

1) it's free
2) they have beer and hot dogs
3) at night it is GORGEOUS...particularly around 8 or 9 when the sun is going down
4) if there is a Staten Island Yankees game there will be fireworks at the end of the game

Other than that, you're going to be shit out of luck in GPT for what want, I think. I've lived there for going on 4 years so I'm pretty well versed in hanging out there.
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Also this:

1) Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory on Commercial Ave and Manhattan (closes at 9 I think)
2) make your way down to Franklin, take a left, go to the bizarre pinball/video game/billiards arcade on Franklin b/w DuPont and Eagle
3) grab some beers at a bodega and go out to the new India Street pier and hang out
4) head to Glassland on Kent and see if there is a show
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Diamond Bar in Greenpoint has shuffle board and a nice patio.

Black Rabbit in Greenpoint has bingo nights and trivia nights, if you are willing to go on a night that's not a Saturday. Otherwise they have a handful of board games and the like that you can play. Apparently this Saturday there's a sour pickle eating contest.

Blackout in Greenpoint often has dance parties on Saturdays, there's a patio, and a photobooth. It's an unofficial gay bar, so the dance parties can be pretty fun.

Again, if you are willing to do a Sunday, Roberta's in Bushwick (Morgan L) has 'Tiki Disco' every other Sunday--it's a disco party in their huge garden, but there's plenty of space to just hang out.

Also Bushwick, and again, on Mondays, Brooklyn Fire Proof has karaoke.

Apparently, this Saturday there are beer tastings at Brouwerij Lane in Greenpoint.

Anyway, that's all I got for now.
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I went to a pretty fun barcrawl in wb/gp. Not a 'get really drunk' bar crawl but more of a 'we'll be in each place for 1hr and then go to awesome food places in between (banh mi on grand, taco truck at union pool)' on a pre-determined schedule. It was a great way to allow people to drop in and out, see different places and eat some interesting (and delicious) things. And not too expensive.
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Oh wow, I'm going to try greta simone's options too...they sound awesome!
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Okay, doesn't fit your Brooklyn rule but it is Long Island City, which is right next to Greenpoint, no?
The Palms, a temporary (one month only) dumpster pool retro 50's resort style, outdoor dance party Fridays Saturdays and Sundays.

Drinks, food trucks, DJ's, dumpsters converted into swimming pools...what more could you want?
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What about the Bushwick Country Club (not actually in Bushwick.. On Metropolitan I think? Its been a while since I left wburg/gpt). Solid divey bar and it has a home made mini golf course in back.
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Seconding BCC, if dive bars are okay. It's on Grand Street, near the Metropolitan/Lorimer stop. The mini-golf course is small, clunky and homemade, which is to say, it's less about mini golf, and more about doing something silly while drinking. There will be people there on a Saturday night, but I've never seen it crowded. Per their website, if you bring 15 people, you get to drink free; $5 will get you a cheap beer and shot, and optional pickle shot.
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