Pub quiz in Park Slope?
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Anyone know any good pub quizzes in Brooklyn (preferably Park Slope or vicinity)?

A bunch of friends and I used to go to Pacific Standard every week for their pub quiz, and it was good, but it got old eventually. I'd love to start up again somewhere else. Desirable features include:
  • Well-written questions (factual, unambiguous, interesting, non-trick-questions, asks about the sort of things you don't know but feel you should)
  • Stiff competition (we won occasionally at Pacific Standard; winning is nice but winning all the time would be boring)
  • Eclectic subjects (not just music/movies/sports---some academic stuff in addition would be nice.)
  • Good beer on tap is a plus
I hear the weekly trivia at Pete's Candy Store is good, but Williamsburg is quite a schlep for a Wednesday night---but if you think it's worth the trip, let me know. Otherwise, anyone know of something in the neighborhood or nearby? Thanks!
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Best answer: If Cobble Hill isn't too far a trek, check out the Last Exit Bar.
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Best answer: I used to go to Pete's every week for about a year. Their quiz can be challenging. It really depends on the quizmaster during a given week. However, I've heard it's one of the most challenging in Brooklyn and I can attest to interesting questions. If you decided to go, have someone get a table early. It fills up on quiz night, and people tend to sit at the same tables. There are usually anywhere from 15-20 teams for the quiz and they do not restrict how many people can be on a team.

I loved playing there, and I live in Park Slope. (I would just take the G from Fulton to Metropolitan and walk.)

I've heard there is good quiz at Last Exit on Atlantic and it's challenging!

I did not like Cherry Tree's quiz night at all. I felt the questions were not diverse enough and were slanted towards standard pop culture. If you like Pacific Standard's quiz, I'd avoid Cherry Tree.
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I know that The Sackett has one if you want to try something really close to home.

My allegiance, though, is to the quiz at Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook, a block from the Ikea. A good mix of questions with a good "tip of the tongue" factor, and some decent prizes.
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The Brooklyn Tavern (3rd Ave between State St and Atlantic Ave) does trivia on Tuesday nights. I'm not a huge trivia fan, so I can't speak to the relative quality of the questions or competition, but they seem to be at least well thought out and varied. Their beer selection on tap isn't amazing, but it goes slightly beyond the generic macrobrews. Trivia usually starts around 9.
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I haven't been there in a couple of years now (since the original Quizmaster left the building), but I'm with the Empress, Rocky's quiz is hard to beat.
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I too am a refugee from the Pacific Standard trivia league, where their 6-month season burnt out our team last year (Al-Quizaeda, represent!). I went with some friends to the trivia night at the Double Windsor a couple of months ago and it was a pretty decent quiz, although it was hard to hear the quiz master sometimes. I don't know how often they hold their trivia nights.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I think we're going to try Last Exit sometime soon. We've been to Rocky Sullivan's, and it's fun but it's a bit of a trek.
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