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I want to rent an event space in NYC. Where do I start? It's basically a wedding reception without the wedding, I'd like it to hold about eighty people, with an open bar and using my own caterers. It should be three hours booked at least. I'd like it in Manhattan but totally open to nearer Brooklyn and Queens. What do I need to know and where should I go in getting a space for late October?

I've put on events before and been on the catering side of it but I've never actually been the booker and client for a non commercial event and I'd like to avoid stepping in shit, things I need to not do or know before hand? How can I make this as seamless as possible.

Also, costs I should expect? What's normal for a middleish, oh here's an open bar with some hot buffet THINGY in the area?
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I started by reading articles on the New York Magazine Weddings Guide and then cross referencing them with posts/answers on the indiebride and weddingbee boards.

The easiest way I can think for you is to ask your caterer about their favorite venues they like to work with with the parameters you stated. I found it to be logistically easier and, therefore, less stressful when I used a florist and musician that were familiar with both the venue and the venue's event coordinator.

I've read but never experienced (more likely, was clueless and never noticed) if people quoted me more because it was for a wedding. I work at a non-profit that I coordinate events for and I'm fairly certain I get a lower quote than I would for a wedding especially since we have the potential to be repeat customers.
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Do you have a rough estimate for your budget yet?
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Not sure of your budget but there's the Prospect Park boathouse. However, they make you use the caterers they have a deal with.
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