Looking for an event planner in San Francisco
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[BayAreaFilter] Party/event/wedding planners in SF?

After deciding planning our party ourselves (previous MeFi post) is a joysucking experience, we're looking for someone who can plan and organize it for us. Any recommendations in SF/Bay Area? If you're married and liked your planner, would you please pass along some contact info? Thanks.

P.S. Yes I know about google. I'm looking for recommendations, not search engine optimization :)
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Knight's Catering, without a doubt. Awesome food and the owner, Maureen Kelly, is an amazing resource for all of the other stuff you need to make the day go off without a hitch. She did my wedding and two years later people are still commenting on how much fun they had and how good the food was.
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Sorry this is not a recommendation, but a great source for answers is going to theknot.com. They have local area boards where you can choose Northern California and post your question and a bunch of soon-to-be-weds and just-marrieds can tell you who they used, who not to use, etc. It was a great asset for us when we got married, good luck!
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Not a personal recommendation -- I got married in Hawaii.

But the Berkeley Parents Network tends to have really good advice about a wide range of things. Yes, even wedding planners. Of course, both of the recommendations are for people based in the east bay, but they're likely to know how to find the bridge.
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